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Recognized ACS-CHAL Forensic

Attorney Andrew Deegan has been honored the ACS Forensic Lawyer-Scientist designation as recognized by the Chemistry and Law Division of the ACS. Using these skills in his practice means the implementation of validated and legitimate science for the benefit of justice to his clients. Click on this image to the right to learn more about this added advantage
you get by working with us.

Andrew Deegan
Criminal Defense /
DWI Attorney

Call For Free Consultation: 817-689-7002

Fort Worth DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney

I provide High-Level Criminal Defense that Gets Results. My Practice Focuses on my Clients. I Listen to my Clients, and Pursue the Outcomes They Want

I am a DWI and criminal defense attorney practicing in Fort Worth, Texas, and neighboring cities. My clients are consistently pleased with the results of their cases that I get and consistently give me positive feedback, and I have achieved extraordinary results for my clients.

I am always motivated to fight hard for my clients. I work hard to communicate with my clients and make sure we are on the same page. It is very important to me that my clients know what is going on with their case, and that I’m working on their case. I am driven to help my clients and their families. The journey through the justice system can feel overwhelming. My outlook and philosophy are simple: to get great results, and to develop a personal relationship with my clients to understand their needs and desires. I work on every case I have personally.

For many years, I have defended criminal matters ranging from DWI to Assault crimes, Domestic Violence, Theft crimes, Fraud crimes, Violent crimes and all other types of misdemeanors and felonies. Consistently, my AVVO rating has stayed a 10 out of 10, which is the best score anyone practicing can attain. As a defense lawyer, I make certain that my clients are always informed about how their case is going, and I work hard to ensure that we secure the best outcomes.

Andrew Andrew Deegan Deegan

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After you have been in jail, you probably feel anxious and fearful about your case and about the future. it's reasonable to feel anxious and fearful of what's going to happen. Sitting in jail is no fun and all you have time to do is think. You feel regret for what happened and fear for what might happen. Jail is disorienting and shocking. I am very aware of the anxiety that exists in the days following an arrest. Much of the anxiety comes from the uncertainty, and getting your questions answered can relieve a lot of the stress.

I've met and helped so many people who have been in this very spot. You need guidance on how things will go. When you know what is ahead, much of the anxiety will dissolve. Whether it is your very first arrest or you have been arrested previously, you'll need a strategy to minimize the damage a criminal case could have on your life. If you or a loved one is facing this situation, contact me and we will sit down and discuss it. Having a plan and a strategy is crucial, both for the defense of your case and your well-being.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and is facing a criminal charge, or a DWI. Or any other charge, in Fort Worth, you should call Andrew Deegan Attorney at Law immediately so I can start protecting your rights and preparing your defense.

It is very important to me to develop relationships with my clients to build trust, and to make sure that we are both on the same page. Each client is an individual priority to me. I have a small, boutique law firm for this reason. I do not have any lawyers working for me. I work on all of my cases personally. I show up to court for all of my clients. I make it a priority to know all of my cases very well.       

There are two promises I will make and keep. I promise you is that I will relentlessly fight for you, and I promise you that I will always make the time to communicate with you about your case and answer your questions. I will never promise you anything that I cannot deliver. When you contact me, we will have a one-on-one meeting, and I’ll take the opportunity to get to know you and the circumstances of your case.

Each case is different, just as each client is different. After reviewing your case, I will give you honest and clear guidance about how to resolve your case in the best possible way. We will discuss the ideal strategy to achieve your objectives.

I will carefully listen to you and evaluate your situation. I will develop your defenses. Throughout the process, I will keep you updated as the case progresses. I tackle every case with the same devotion, persistence, and the highest ethical standards possible. When you engage me as your criminal defense attorney, you can expect to be treated with the courtesy and care you deserve. To ensure the best possible outcome for my clients:

  • I emphasize the client-attorney connection
  • I only take on clients that I know can benefit from my services
  • I give your case personalized and meticulous attention

When your case goes to court, you'll need a lawyer who you trust and who can show you results, because it is your life on the line. You’ll need a lawyer who is effective in the courtroom and has had great results in the past. The decision of which lawyer to hire is very important. There is a lot at stake.  

Have you been arrested over the weekend? Have you been arrested very late at night or on a holiday? Give me a call. If I am not in the office, my answering service picks up 24/7. If I’m not there, I will return your call promptly. My office is available to take your call at any time.

Your choice of attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Time is of the essence, and you need to decide quickly. If you or a loved one has recently been arrested, please contact me right away.

Whenever your future is on the line, you wouldn't want a criminal defense lawyer who has never seen the inside of a courtroom or who does not have trial experience. It has been my job to fight criminal matters in the courtroom. That's something I've done successfully for many years as a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth. You need a lawyer with extensive criminal trial experience. You need one that has handled many jury trials and won. I have tried all kinds of cases, both misdemeanors and serious felonies.

The prosecution presents the case. The defense lawyer tries to destroy it. Effective defense lawyers are hardworking, creative, and persistent. To prove a case against a person, the prosecution must prove that someone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Everyone has heard this phrase before. This is the standard of proof in a criminal jury trial throughout Texas and the United States. What does reasonable doubt mean? It simply means that any doubt about any aspect of the case is sufficient for a jury to say Not Guilty. Part of my job is to identify the holes in their case, and highlight these flaws to the jury, and to do so in a forceful and convincing way.

There are many aspects to consider in evaluating a criminal case, and each case is unique. The law stays the same, but the story of each case is always unique. Cases are never identical. Each case requires a creative and thoughtful approach. This depends on many factors. I always start with the story, told to me by my client. I take notes and ask questions to develop a sense of the case. But there will be another story as well, the story from the police. Police reports only tell a police officer’s side of the story. Police sometimes ignore parts of the story that are very important to the defense. Because of this, a criminal defense lawyer needs to do their own investigation. This requires an attorney who gets to work quickly, because evidence can often be destroyed or compromised.

Although not every case ends up in a jury trial, if a criminal defense attorney is ineffective in trial, he or she will not be very effective at anything else. This cannot be overstated. Many cases resolve in plea bargains that avoid jury trials, but the lawyers who have not shown prosecutors that they can prevail in a jury trial do not have the same ability to secure the best plea deals. If prosecutors know that a defense lawyer has hesitation about trial and will eventually fold, there is not the same incentive to offer favorable plea deals. In a jury trial, there are many skills that a great defense lawyer must possess. Here are a few very important skills:  

  • Communicating with the jury effectively and honestly in a way that establishes credibility.
  • Telling the story of the case effectively and powerfully
  • Understanding the law that applies to the case and succinctly making legal arguments to the judge
  • Questioning witnesses who testify, especially cross-examining prosecution witnesses like police officers

Jury trials are the crucial backbone to our justice system, but not every case ends up in a jury trial. This is simply impossible with the overwhelming number of cases that end up in the courts. In many cases, working a case out before trial is the right move.

Whatever your case looks like, there will be a creative and thoughtful way to approach it. I frequently get very good results on cases in the before trial, even on cases that clients consider lost causes or bad cases. There are many ways a criminal defense lawyer can with any given case. This is where the craft and skill show up during plea negotiations. I'll work with you to guarantee that your rights are protected and that you are given the best shot to succeed. In situations involving DWI and other criminal accusations, I will vigorously fight for you to avoid harsh punishments since a conviction might have far-reaching consequences for years, if not decades.

It is important to retain a criminal defense lawyer soon after the arrest. The earlier you call me, the earlier we will start building your strong and comprehensive defense.

There are Many Ways to Win a Criminal Case

When it comes to my clients, I am consistently able to deliver excellent results. There are more ways than one to win a criminal charge. Depending on the specifics of the situation, a successful outcome can be shown in many different ways. In any given case, success could mean:

  • A not-guilty verdict
  • The case is dismissed
  • The charge is reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor
  • Deferred adjudication
  • Avoiding a criminal conviction
  • Keeping you out of jail or prison

A defense attorney often must be better, work harder, and be more creative than the prosecution to win. This is because the prosecutor is the one who files and dismisses cases. If a prosecutor thinks he or she cannot win a case, they will reduce it or dismiss it. The prosecutors only go forward on cases in which they think can win. The defense lawyer does not have this luxury, and must find solutions even if they are difficult.

Every Case
Is Defensible


What Do My Clients Say About Me?

I love battling for my clients and I love helping people. I am so grateful that my clients allow me to work for them and fight for them. Here are some of my many positive reviews from actual clients. It gives me so much satisfaction to hear from them and read the things they write for me. These are all actual reviews that you can read on google, and I am so proud of them. Here are just a few of the reviews that my clients write for me.

Where I Practice

My practice is primarily in Fort Worth and my office is here in downtown. The majority of my cases are in Tarrant County, but I also practice in other counties regularly. I take cases in Collin and Dallas and Denton Counties. I have handled cases throughout Texas and will travel. I work as a criminal defense attorney in all nearby North Texas counties. I regularly handle cases in these North Texas counties:

  • Tarrant
  • Parker
  • Dallas
  • Denton
  • Ellis
  • Johnson
  • Wise
  • Palo Pinto

As mentioned above, I have traveled throughout Texas to work on cases. I take both state cases and federal cases. I defend people who live in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Weatherford, Burleson, Euless, Grapevine, Mansfield, Crowley, Hurst, Bedford, Keller, White Settlement, and Azle, just to name a few.

I Can Defend All Kinds of Cases

Whether you are facing a DWI charge or any other criminal charge, you need a lawyer who knows how to handle a wide variety of circumstances and to adapt to change spontaneously. At trial, witnesses will say things that are completely unexpected. Lawyers will battle over the evidence that the jury can hear, and this can sometimes dramatically change a case. A defense lawyer who is not quick and ready for anything will not be effective. As a lawyer, you have to be ready to respond to demanding and hostile judges on the fly, and ready to adapt to the dynamic fluidity of trial. I’ve handled all kinds of criminal cases. I know the law and how to work a case and to plan a defense and to adapt to circumstances.  

DWI defense makes up a large part of my practice, and I have successfully handled hundreds of DWI cases. I've handled a variety of assault and drug crimes ranging from lower-level misdemeanors to first degree felonies. There are many crimes in the Texas Penal Code, too many to mention here. Criminal charges are different, but criminal cases are all in the same courts with the same judges and the same prosecutors. Each case is unique, but the law stays the same. Sometimes criminal law does change—the Texas Legislature meets every two years. New criminal offenses are made illegal, penalties are enhanced or sometimes decreased. But the law does not change very often.           

I have had countless results. I have had many not guilty verdicts and many dismissals. I have also gotten many more cases reduced to lesser charges. I have avoided convictions for my clients countless times, and often when the prospect seemed bleak. I have fought hard to keep people out of jail, and keep people out of prison. I have a tremendous amount of experience inside the courtroom. This experience is crucial to my success. I fight relentlessly for my clients, and I don’t give up very easily.

If you have been arrested and charged with an offense in Texas, don't immediately admit guilt without considering all of your defense alternatives. According to the law, everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is my belief, and it is why I fight for my clients.

Here are some of my areas of expertise:

Recent Case Results

Here are some results in my cases in the last calendar year. These are actual cases. The names of my clients have been abbreviated and the case numbers are left incomplete to protect their privacy.

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