DWI Defense

So you got a DWI in Fort Worth, Texas? This is where your DWI Defense starts. You are probably thinking: How will I ever win at trial? Information is so key! On this page and the links, you will find it all. It will guide you through the entire Process, the Consequences, and perhaps most importantly, what kinds of Evidence they will need against you at a trial. But first, what does DWI really mean?

What Does it Actually Mean? DWI Law in Texas

In Texas, there are four elements of DWI. All of these elements need to be satisfied:

  1. Operating
  2. A motor Vehicle
  3. In a Public Place
  4. While Intoxicated

Obviously, the one that that stands out is Intoxication. But what does Intoxication mean? It doesn’t mean you’ve had a beer, or even several beers. Because it is legal to drink and drive in Texas! Otherwise, they wouldn’t serve alcohol at restaurants.

Intoxication can mean two different things:

  1. Blood Alcohol of 0.08% or higher on a breathalyzer or blood test
  2. The loss of the normal use of your mental or physical faculties

What is the “normal use” of mental and physical faculties mean? That is where the DWI Defense lawyering comes in! These days, it is rare for there not to be a blood test. But you can still get a DWI when your blood alcohol is under 0.08%, if an officer determines that you have lost the normal use of your mental and physical faculties. Unfortunately for drivers, by the time they know you are under 0.08, you are in police custody. And they won’t let you go at that point.

Gender, age, weight, and body size all play a factor in determining your Blood Alcohol. Everyone pretty much knows that a smaller woman needs much less to get drunk than a big guy. But it is more than that. A good DWI lawyer has to understand the science behind these tests in order to challenge them and win.

There are Many Steps to a DWI in Fort Worth

My DWI Process page takes you through every step of the process. I designed this page to give people a blow by blow account of what will happen to them in their case, and how their DWI Defense will unfold. It is a long page with a lot of great information! It begins when the officer pulls you over, and goes all the way to trial!

What are the Consequences?

Will you lose your license, pay heavy fines or fees, or possibly go to jail? A DWI conviction can carry serious penalties, and should be fought aggressively. This page discusses what the consequences are for a DWI. It includes discussion of your license suspension and everything else. depends on whether it is your First Time DWI, your Second DWI, or Felony DWI. Other important factors increasing punishment are BAC above 0.15%, or DWI with a child in the car.

DWI Links to Information

The DWI Process can be complex and overwhelming. You need to learn as much as you can. Knowledge lends perspective. Here are some helpful outside links about DWI:

Dept of Public Safety

  1. ALR
  2. Occupational Driver’s License
  3. Surcharges
  4. License Suspension

Tarrant County Courts

  1. Tarrant County Criminal Courts

Vehicle Interlock

  1. Draeger
  2. Smart Start

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