Felony DWI

Have you been arrested and charged with Felony DWI in Tarrant County? Obviously, you know that these are very serious charges. DWI, both misdemeanor and felony, are crimes that law enforcement and the state of Texas pursue aggressively. You may feel hopeless, like the world is against you. Don’t give up. You need to speak with an attorney. You need the perspective that comes from answers. If you’ve been arrested and charged with felony DWI, you need to develop a plan and you need a strong DWI defense.

Four Types of Felony DWI Texas

1. Third DWI

If you have two prior DWI convictions, your third DWI will be charged as a felony. Your first and your second were misdemeanors. Now you will be in a district court. You will be facing a driver’s license suspension as well. A third DWI is a third degree felony. In Tarrant County, there is a good diversion program called the Felony Alcohol Intervention Program, which provides intensive treatment and can keep people from going to prison.

2. DWI with Child Under 15

Many people do not realize that a DWI with Child Passenger is also a felony. This is the lowest level of felony, but it’s a felony nonetheless. Even if it is your first offense, you will be facing a State Jail Felony if a child under 15 is a passenger in the car. Some prosecutors in Tarrant County will even increase this to a third degree felony by alleging that the vehicle is a deadly weapon.

3. Intoxication Assault

Intoxication Assault is a DWI charge that occurs when the defendant causes serious bodily injury, by accident or mistake, while intoxicated and while operating a motor vehicle. This is a Third Degree Felony. Again, no prior convictions of any kind are required for this charge.

4. Intoxication Manslaughter

The most serious, and least common, felony DWI is Intoxication Manslaughter. This charge has the same elements as intoxication assault, except that instead of serious bodily injury, death is caused. In both intoxication assault and manslaughter cases, there are forced blood draws. Obviously, these cases are the nightmare scenarios that law enforcement strives to prevent, as they should.

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