Fort Worth DWI Lawyer in Tarrant County, Texas

Have you or someone you care about been arrested and charged with a crime in Fort Worth? Are you uncertain about your next move? You may be wondering, should I bond out or wait for the first court appearance? Should I hire a criminal defense lawyer, or should I wait for a court appointed attorney? These are the tough, difficult questions that arise after an arrest. As a Fort Worth DWI lawyer, I can help provide you with answers. I can help you come up with a game plan to attack your charges. I can help to provide you the perspective that can bring peace of mind.

Have You Been Accused of a Crime? You Need a Gameplan

Being arrested and charged with a crime means uncertainty and worry. A conviction could change your life. It could affect your family. It could affect your ability to find a place to live. You could lose your job, or you could have trouble getting a job. Potential employers conduct background checks. If you have been arrested and charged, or you feel that an arrest may be on the horizon, you need a Fort Worth DWI lawyer.

Fort Worth DWI Lawyer – Our Office is Downtown

As a Fort Worth DWI lawyer, I help people accused of crimes. I defend people in our community who have been arrested and charged with DWI. I also have a more general criminal practice. We defend many other types of charges: Possession or other Drug Crimes, property crimes, theft crimes, and assault and family violence. I can help you if you’ve been arrested for a probation violation or revocation. Or if you want to erase a crime from your record, I can help you with that. We do Nondisclosures and Expunctions.

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Being arrested can be shocking and awful, especially if it’s your First Time. You will feel more calm and more in control when you have perspective, when you have a plan. As a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, I will look at your case, and do my best to help you build that plan.