Have you been arrested for possession of adderall? Maybe you have been accused of selling adderall? Maybe you or a loved one has been accused of possessing adderall without a prescription. Adderall is a prescribed drug for many, although adderall is also tightly controlled substance. And it is illegal in Texas to possess it without a prescription. The punishment for possession of adderall without a prescription can Adderall is an amphetamine, and is very popular drug for college students and others. Many people take it and have it without a prescription. College students are especially at risk.

Possession of adderall without a prescription can actually carry penalties similar to possession of heroin or cocaine. What the penalties will be in your case depend on the amount of adderrall you have. The potential punishments will vary by weight. If you have been arrested for possession of adderall or for distribution of adderall, it is important to find the right attorney and aggressively contest the charges against you. I am experienced at defending all types of drug cases, including adderall. Call me and we can discuss your charges and build your defense.  

What are the Penalties for Possession of Adderall in Texas?  

Adderall is a controlled substance in Texas. The penalties and punishments for possession are located in the Texas Health and Safety Code. The Health and Safety Code penalizes possession and manufacture and delivery of controlled substances. There are many controlled substances and they are gathered into four categories or groups. There are four groups with different penalties for each group. The groups are numbered 1-4 depending on how dangerous or habit-forming the substance is as well as how much medical value the substance possesses. Group 1 is considered the most dangerous with the least medical value. Group 1 is comprised with substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and codeine. Adderall is a group 2 drug in Texas. Adderall has some obvious medical value. Many people are prescribed this substance for ADHD, narcolepsy, as well as obesity. The severity of your charges will depend on how much adderall you have. If there is an allegation that you are selling adderall, the penalties will be more severe. For possession of adderall, the penalties begin at a Class A misdemeanor and go up from there. 

Adderall is an extremely popular drug, particularly among college students. However, many people of all types and backgrounds use adderrall recreationally, with or without a prescription. People use and abuse adderall for a cognitive or athletic boost. Adderall is taken to study for exams, at bars as a pick-me-up or club drug. As adderall has become more popular, law enforcement has started to pursue these charges and criminal penalties more aggressively.  

Call Me to Discuss Your Adderall Charge—There are Ways to Fight

There are always ways to fight, no matter what the facts of your case are—bad or good. To give you just one example, in a possession of adderall case, there is always a possible illegal search issue to look at. Another thing to challenge is actual possession. To convict you for possession of adderall in Texas, the State must prove that you had care, custody, control, or management of adderall. This may be easy to prove, depending on the facts of your case, or it may be difficult. These are just two angles. There are many more. Don’t talk to anyone about your case until you call me. Especially the police. It is crucial to build a defense and combat your charges aggressively. Call me to discuss your case. Regardless of what happened to you, I will overturn every stone in the process of your defense.