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Case No. 1420737
Charge: DWI
Result: Not Guilty

This was a case in which my client had a BAC above 0.08. He also had Alprazolam in his blood. He did not look great on the field sobriety tests, but his mother testified that he has a learning disability and shuts down under stress. The jury found the defense more credible and said Not Guilty.

Case No. 1538848
Charges: Aggravated Assault
Deadly Weapon
Result: Dismissed

This was a tough case. Client had a very tumultuous relationship with her husband. There was constant fighting. Her husband aggressively grabbed her from behind, and she cut his arm to get him to release her. It was an instinctual reaction, but when he called the police, my client was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a serious felony. Through hard work I was eventually able to help the prosecutor see that my client was the real victim. The case was dismissed.

Case No. 1542301
Charges: Felony DWI
Result: Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Client was facing a felony DWI. This case had to be reduced to misdemeanor, because a felony conviction would get my client removed from the United States. My client is married with three young children, so getting this case reduced meant everything to him. After much hard work, I was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce this charge. My client was safe, and his family was not ripped apart. I am particularly proud of this result.

Case No. 1509221
Charges: Assault Bodily Injury - Family Member
Result: Dismissed

My client got into an argument with his ex-wife that spiraled into a situation. The police were called. My client got charged with a crime, but I was able to convince a prosecutor that this was a divorce case. The case was dismissed, and this was the right result. This case never should have been criminal.

Case No. 1540839
Charges: Theft of Property
Result: Dismissed

My client fell on hard times and made a mistake and got arrested for theft. I was able to get this case dismissed.

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