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Case No. 1483201
Charges: Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle
Result: Dismissal

My client got into an altercation with another driver, and there was an accident. The other driver told police that my client purposely hit his vehicle. After the accident a fight ensued. I was able to show that this was going to be difficult to prove. The case was dismissed.

Case No. 1512286
Charges: Prostitution
Result: Dismissal

My client was charged with solicitation of prostitution. This was a sting operation by Tarrant County. My client had a distinguished military career and I was able to use this to convince a prosecutor to dismiss the case.

Case No. 1510841
Charges: Harassment
Result: Deferred Adjudication

My client was charged with online harassment and was also on probation in another county. I was able to keep my client on probation in that other county without getting revoked and work out a deal in Tarrant County to avoid a conviction.

Case No. 1495544
Charges: Felony Evading Arrest
Result: Dismissal

My client was pulled over after a road rage incident. Because he did not immediately pull over, he got charged with felony evading arrest. My position was that my client did not know police were trying to detain him, and when he did know he pulled over. I was able to raise enough doubt to get the case dismissed.

Case No. 1503933
Charges: DWI With BAC Above 0.15
Result: Dismissal

My client was arrested for DWI, and this was going to wreck his plans to go into the U.S. Marines. He could not go into the Marines with a conviction. I was able to orchestrate a dismissal so that he could go into the Marines, which he did.

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