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State of Texas v. W.I.
Case No. 16505XX
Charge: Illegally Operating a Game Room
Result: Dismissal

My client worked at a gameroom. When it was raided my client was arrested and charged. Case dismissed after I finally convinced the prosecutors that my client simply worked there but had no idea that the gameroom was being operated illegally.

State of Texas v. B.N.
Case No. 16850XX
Charge: Felony Drug Possession
Result: Dismissal

I showed the prosecutors that my client was detained too long at a traffic stop to justify the basis for the stop. Police did not have probable cause and the case was dismissed.

State of Texas v. S.E.
Case No. 006-884XX-2019
Charge: Assault Bodily Injury
Result: Dismissal

My client hired me after her previous lawyer was not getting her the result she wanted. I pointed out to the prosecutor the numerous problems with the case. After a lot of hard work, I finally got what I wanted, and this case was dismissed.

State of Texas v. R.H.
Case No. 16506XX
Charge: Felony DWI
Result: Reduced to Misdemeanor

My client hired me to avoid a felony conviction because he was in a position where he would’ve lost everything. After a lot of hard work, the prosecutor offered to reduce it to a misdemeanor. We were thrilled to avoid a felony conviction.

State of Texas v. J.E.
Case No. 15756XX
Charge: Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon
Result: Reduced to Misdemeanor

My client was facing 25 to life in prison if he would have been convicted. After a lot of effort and work, I got my client a class B misdemeanor and he walked out of the courtroom as a free man.

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