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Case No. 1532409
Charges: DWI
Result: Reduced

This client was also charged with DWI, and the charge was reduced to Obstruction of a Highway. She received deferred adjudication and will be able to get this off of her record.

Case Number: F140-17
Charges: Felony Tampering with Evidence Enhanced to Second Degree with Prior Felony
Result: Deferred Adjudication Probation

This was a Hill County case. It was a tough case in a tough county, and my client was facing the serious prospect of prison time for this charge. In the face of the adversity of this charge and this tough-minded county, I kept him out of prison and avoided a felony conviction and obtained deferred probation for my client.

Case No. 1497424
Charge: Possession of Controlled Substances
Result: Dismissal

Client was arrested for possession of Xanax that she did not have a prescription for and this case. I was able to get this charge dismissed.

Case No. 1479952
Charge: DWI
Result: Reduced to Deferred Obstruction of a Highway

On the day of trial, prosecutors finally gave us an offer that was too good to refuse. My client’s DWI was reduced to Obstruction of a Highway and deferred adjudication with 12-months of probation. The probation is pro-forma so my client has no obligations other than to not get any more offenses and the charge can eventually be sealed.

Case No. 1455648
Charge: Felony Possession of Heroin
Result: Deferred Probation

My client got arrested at a very pivotal point in his life and I was able to avoid a conviction for him so he could get on with his life and not have his life compromised with a conviction.

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