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State of Texas v. J.G.
Case No. 16811XX/ 16811XX
Charge: Felony Drug Possession
Result: Dismissals

I convinced the prosecutor that the reason my client’s vehicle was pulled over was unconstitutional. Because of that, both cases were dismissed.

State of Texas v. C.J.
Case No. F-19600XX
Charge: Felony Deadly Conduct
Result: Deferred Probation

Client had a handgun go off inside of his apartment was facing prison time. This was a difficult case that took extra work to convince the prosecutor that my client was a good person and did not deserve to go to prison or a felony conviction.

State of Texas v. M.H.
Case No. 16455XX
Charge: DWI Misdemeanor Repetition
Result: Reduced to Deferred Obstruction of Highway

This was another vehicle stop I believed was unconstitutional and without probable cause. I won the driver’s license hearing on that issue and argued these problems to the prosecutor and got this case significantly and very favorably reduced.

State of Texas v. G.G.
Case No. CR367XX
Charge: DWI
Result: Dismissal

This case was in Milam County. I traveled down there ready for trial. My client had a breath test that was exactly at the legal limit and when I set the case for trial, the prosecutor dismissed the case.

State of Texas v. B.D.
Case No. 16822XX
Charge: DWI
Result: Dismissal

This case was dismissed after I showed the prosecutors that the arresting officer made huge mistakes in the case and they could not go forward.

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