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Case No. 1523836
Charges: Deadly Conduct
Result: Dismissed

Client got into a road rage incident and another driver called the police and said my client waved a gun at her. I was able to show that this person was not reliable as a witness. Eventually, on the eve of trial, the prosecutor relented and dismissed the case.

Case No. 1463617
Charges: DWI
Result: Dismissed

My client was arrested for driving while intoxicated. I was able to get the charge dismissed and my client was ecstatic.

Case No. 1542533
Charges: Assault Bodily Injury of a Family Member
Result: Dismissed

My client got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend and she called the police. There was consent to the physicality and it was mutual. Our position was that the girlfriend consented to the physical contact, and I was able to convince a prosecutor of that and get the case dismissed.

Case No. 1552670, 1532223
Charges: Assault Bodily Injury of a Family Member
Charges: Theft
Result: Dismissed

My client had two charges, one was an assault and another was a theft. I was able to get both cases dismissed to give my client an opportunity to get these cases off of his record and a chance at a clean slate.

Case No. DC-F201700828
Charges: Felony Theft of Property from Elderly Individual
Result: Dismissal

This was a Johnson County case. My client received a tractor that turned out to be stolen. My client ended up getting charged with felony theft as well as the person who stole the tractor. The victim of the theft was an elderly person, so the charge became a felony. As the case approached trial, the prosecution realized that they could not prove he knew it was stolen. He did not know. The case was dismissed.

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