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Challenge the DWI Evidence in Your Case

More than anything else, lawyers who understand and can challenge blood and breath tests in DWI cases are better DWI lawyers. Most lawyers don’t want to put in the time. The result is that their clients get DWI convictions. Your lawyer must also effectively challenge the Field Sobriety Tests.

These days, every case in Fort Worth has either a blood or a breath test. DWI Defense lawyers must have a strong understanding of the science that is coming into the courtroom. Because if your attorney doesn’t challenge it effectively, jurors take that result as fact. Even more than that, DWI lawyers must have an ability to explain complex ideas in simple ways to jurors. This is the real line in the sand for DWI defense lawyers.

Fort Worth Blood and Breath Tests

Scientific evidence, blood or breath tests, are a huge driver of your DWI Defense. Prosecutors believe they can convict you because of this. When you are arrested for DWI, your blood is drawn at a hospital or sometimes even at the jail. Your blood test result is expressed in a percentage, like .08 or .15 blood alcohol concentration. This is analyzed by a technical supervisor who must testify at your trial.

A breath test, on the other hand which is administered at the police station. If you are interested in how breath tests work, I try to explain in simple terms here.

Unfortunately, if you took a blood or breath test, you are already under arrest. This is important to note because the police officer has already determined that you have lost the physical or mental faculties required to operate a motor vehicle. You are being charged with a DWI regardless. A breath test cannot save you. Just ask Larry Davis. If you think about it like this, it is probably not in your best interest to consent to a breath or blood test.

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration

DWI evidence is aimed at measuring your BAC, or blood alcohol concentration. Law enforcement uses breath and blood tests to determine the percentage of alcohol in your blood. As most people are aware, the legal limit of alcohol in the bloodstream in Texas is 0.08%.

Is a DWI Conviction Inevitable?

The officer told you that your BAC was above 0.08%, and you may feel like a DWI conviction is inevitable. However, this is not necessarily the case. Hope is not lost. You may be able to challenge the evidence, reduce the charges, or get the charges dismissed altogether. It all depends upon the facts of your case.

DWI Evidence Can Be Challenged

Although the tests are common throughout Texas, they are far from perfect. Breath tests can be challenged. Blood tests can be challenged. The tests may seem to have the weight of science and precision to them. They are far from perfect and there are many ways to challenge the DWI Evidence in your case.

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