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Recognized ACS-CHAL Forensic

Attorney Andrew Deegan has been honored the ACS Forensic Lawyer-Scientist designation as recognized by the Chemistry and Law Division of the ACS. Using these skills in his practice means the implementation of validated and legitimate science for the benefit of justice to his clients. Click on this image to the right to learn more about this added advantage
you get by working with us.

Andrew Deegan
Criminal Defense /
DWI Attorney

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Fort Worth DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney

I provide High-Level Criminal Defense that Gets Results. My Practice Focuses on my Clients. I Listen to my Clients, and Pursue the Outcomes They Want
I practice DWI Defense and Criminal Defense in Fort Worth and surrounding cities and counties. I have consistently been recognized by the legal community as an outstanding attorney that gets phenomenal results. Over and over, my clients are thrilled with the outcomes to their cases that I provide and give me great reviews. I have an Avvo rating of 10/10, which is the highest available rating. I am driven to work hard for my clients and for their families. My practice centers on helping my clients and their families get out of difficult situations. My approach and philosophy is simple. I focus on communicating with my clients. I make sure that my they know exactly what is happening with their criminal defense. I go to great lengths to fight relentlessly for my clients to secure the best possible outcome.

Andrew Andrew Deegan Deegan

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If you have been arrested for DWI, or for any other crime, that comes with pain and anxiety. Getting arrested and going to jail is a very anxious event. In jail, all that you have is time to think about it and dwell on what went wrong. In these bleak moments you feel shocked and powerless. I have met countless people who find themselves in this situation. I know exactly what to do. From my experience, what you need is answers. Whether this is your first time to get arrested, or you’ve been through this before, you need a plan. If you or a family member are going through this, having a roadmap and a plan means everything. The simple act of knowing how things will go will calm and center you.

From the time we first meet and I hear your story, I am shaping your case. I am thinking about the closing argument for your trial. This doesn’t mean that your case will end in a jury trial, but, from the beginning, I am thinking about how to tell your story and frame your case. When we first meet, we will discuss the goals of your case and develop a plan for your defense. We will assess your case and identify both the strengths and the weaknesses. There are two things that I can promise you from the beginning. The first is that I will be there with you throughout your case. I make myself available to you to discuss your case, and I can always be reached to answer your questions. The second promise is I will fight relentlessly for you. I am a skilled and driven criminal defense lawyer. If you decide to go with me, there will not be an aspect of your case that I have not closely examined. There will not be an angle that I will not consider. And if we do go to trial, I assure you that I will be the most prepared person in the courtroom. I will know more about your case than anyone else.

I make it a priority to communicate with my clients and inform them about what is happening as their case winds through the criminal justice system. I know that there are a lot of questions along the way and I am there to answer all the questions you or your family may have. From the first time that we meet, I will assure you will have a clearer idea of how your case will go. I will sit down with you and with your family, if you choose to include them. I make it a priority to explain the criminal defense process clearly and patiently. Regardless of whether you are charged with DWI or any other crime, I will walk you through the entire process, from arrest until the end of the case. There are too many lawyers that do not explain to clients what is going on with their case. I have seen this too often and this is not how I operate. Read the testimonials from my clients below to see what my actual clients say about how I make myself available and walk them through their case.

When I get retained on a criminal case, you and I will establish the goals of the defense. My goal is to assess the case, and then to pursue and obtain the best possible result depending on the facts of the case. I investigate my cases completely, and consider all facets of every case. Each charge is different and every case requires a unique defense and a unique approach. An attorney that takes the same approach to every case is not getting the best results.

Getting a great result requires a lot of effort and a lot of hard work and dedication. It also requires going above and beyond and continuing to learn the latest techniques. I am constantly learning and growing as an attorney. It is my passion to study new tactics and learn new techniques and approaches from great lawyers. I spend a great deal of time away from the courtroom reading and studying. For defending the modern DWI or drug case, a criminal defense lawyer must understand and know how to attack the science. Whether it is a blood test or breath test or a chemical analysis of a controlled substance, confronting and scrutinizing scientific evidence is everything.

Victory Can Mean Different Outcomes

I consistently get great results for my clients. However, there is not just one way to win a criminal case. As discussed above, every case is different and must be handled and defended on its own merits. A victory can mean different things, depending on the facts of the case. A victory can mean a Not Guilty verdict at a jury trial. A victory can mean a dismissal of the case. However, a victory can also mean a reduction of the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. A victory can mean getting deferred adjudication and keeping a conviction from your record. A victory can mean keeping you out of jail or prison. All cases must be defended aggressively. But, the approach to each case will be determined by the facts of the case as well as what the client wants. When we meet, we will talk about your defense and identify the positive and negative aspects of your case. We will discuss your goals and discuss the possibilities of reaching those goals during the first time we talk.

Every Case
Is Defensible


What Do My Clients Say About Me?

I love battling for my clients and I love helping people. I am so grateful that my clients allow me to work for them and fight for them. Here are some of my many positive reviews from actual clients. It gives me so much satisfaction to hear from them and read the things they write for me. These are all actual reviews that you can read on google, and I am so proud of them. Here are just a few of the reviews that my clients write for me.

Where Do I Practice?

My office is in Fort Worth, Texas. Most my cases are in Tarrant County and Parker County, but I also have successfully resolved criminal cases all over the state. I practice criminal defense in all surrounding Counties. I have taken cases in all the surrounding Counties in North Texas, including Dallas, Johnson, Denton, Palo Pinto, Wise, and Ellis. I have also handled cases in different parts of the states and I will travel anywhere in Texas. I handle all state and federal cases across the metroplex and across the state. I work in the following cities: Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Weatherford, Bedford, Burleson, Grapevine, Euless, Hurst, Keller, Azle, Crowley, Mansfield, White Settlement, and many other cities and towns. If you or a family member are accused of a crime, call my office to discuss the charge.

I Handle All Kinds of Cases

I have successfully handled all kinds of criminal defense cases in many different County and District Courts, both across North Texas and across the state, and I defend people of all misdemeanors and felony charges. Examine all the content I have on all the charges I defend under the Criminal Defense tab at the top of the page. Much of my practice is defending DWI cases, and I have effectively resolved DWI cases in many different courtrooms. However, I also have experience defending assault cases and drug cases of all shapes and sizes. I have taken many misdemeanors and felonies to trial. I have negotiated many different kinds of pleas and reduced charges on all kinds of cases.

Recent Criminal Case Results

Here are some of my actual and recent case results with actual case numbers. Most of these are Tarrant County case numbers, although results from other counties, when mentioned, are identified. The names of my clients have been abbreviated for their privacy.

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