Have you been arrested for possession of methamphetamine in Fort Worth or Tarrant County? If you have, the severity of your charge could vary. The potential range of punishment will depend on how much methamphetamine. The amount is measured in weight. Having any amount of methamphetamine will be a felony—even if you have an amount that is less than one gram. The penalties begin at state jail felony, which carries a maximum of two years in state jail, and go up from there.

Methamphetamine is Something Police Pursue Aggressively

Possession of methamphetamine is a charge that law enforcement pursues aggressively in Fort Worth. If you are selling methamphetamine, the penalties are even more severe. In Tarrant County, prosecutors routinely charge individuals for trace amounts, such as the dusty residue in an empty plastic baggie. In any event, I have seen prosecutors bring charges on a regular basis for several hundredths of a gram. This is an amount that can be difficult to perceive with the human eye, much less for the body to ingest.

Just Because You Are Charged Does Not Mean You Are Guilty

In Fort Worth, I often speak to clients and potential clients who believe that they were caught red handed and there is no chance of winning their case. There are many ways to fight the charges against you. That is why it is so imperative that you speak to an attorney who will help you understand building a defense. Even if you don’t have a great case that would win at trial, there are many ways for your lawyer to bargain down for a lesser charge. Call me and let’s talk about your case. I will fight to get you the best deal possible.

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