Possession of Cocaine

If you have been arrested for possession of cocaine, the potential penalties could vary dramatically based on the amount of the drug. Amount is measured in terms of weight. However, possession of any amount is at least a felony in Texas. In Fort Worth and Tarrant County, police and prosecutors routinely bring charges against citizens for trace amounts. A trace amount means something like a couple one hundredths of one gram, and having this much cocaine carries with it a felony charge. Possession of any amount up to one gram carries with it a possible range of punishment of up to 2 years in state jail. For the full range of punishment, click here.

Your Charge Does Not Mean You are Guilty

In Tarrant County and Fort Worth, I often see defendants that want to throw in the towel. Many people feel guilty and want to plead guilty and get on with it. This is especially true with people who are stuck in jail. Don’t feel guilty until you’ve evaluated your case with an attorney who can discuss your defense with you. This is why if a loved one is in jail, often times it is important to consider the impacts of getting them out. It is much easier for your lawyer to defend your case when you are not feeling the pressure to get out of jail.

Aggressive Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with possession of cocaine does not mean that you are guilty. Rather, there are many ways to fight. Even if you do end up pleading guilty, your lawyer can fight aggressively for a lesser charge. On the other hand, if you really do have a problem, there are diversion programs that are available for you to enter and complete treatment. Of course, you can always go to trial and fight your charges.

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