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State of Texas v. L.P.
Case No. CR17-06XX
Charge: Felony Drug Possession
Result: Dismissal

My client said the drugs were not hers. I had my client take a polygraph test and when she passed, I got the prosecutor to dismiss the case.

State of Texas v. P.N.
Case No. 16185XX
Charge: Assault Family Violence
Result: Dismissal

My client was accused of pushing his wife down in the shower, but she was lying. She fell in the shower when she was drunk. I trapped her in several lies on the record, and got the case dropped entirely.

State of Texas v. M.H.
Case No. 15781XX
Charge: DWI
Result: Dismissal

My client was arrested for DWI while in his car and parked in his driveway and never drove. I was eventually able to get the case dismissed.

State of Texas v. J.K.
Case No. 15895XX
Charge: DWI Misdemeanor Repetition
Result: Reduced to Deferred Obstruction

We were about to pick a jury. The jury was in the hallway and at the last minute the prosecutor offered me a deal my client could not refuse.

State of Texas v. C.B.
Case No. 15509XX
Charge: Aggravated Assault
Result: Probation Reinstated

My client was facing prison time for probation violations and the prosecutors were not even considering anything else other than prison. This was a very difficult case that took a lot of time and creativity. I was determined. This was a case about persistence and that great things can happen if you just keep trying hard.

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