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Case No. 1461342
Charge: DWI
Result: Reduced to Deferred Obstruction of a Highway

This was not a great case for the defense in any way. There was a very high breath test, but my client’s job and retirement were on the line and I was able to get a reduced charge and avoid a conviction for my client. This was a tremendous victory. I am very particularly proud of this case.

Case No. 1461604
Charge: DWI
Result: Reduced to Deferred Obstruction of a Highway

My client is a very young person who was very worried about how a conviction would affect her young career. The evidence in this case was not ideal, but I was still able to get the reduced charge for my client and avoid a conviction. This was also a very meaningful victory and I had a very happy client.

Case No. CR16-0914
Charge: Felony Assault by Impeding Breath. Result: Reduced to Misdemeanor

My client was charged with a felony in Parker County, which is a tough-minded county to defend criminal charges. My client had everything to lose, and it looked like we were going to have to go to trial and potentially risk prison time to get the result we had to have. I was able to get this charge reduced to a misdemeanor. Furthermore, we avoided a conviction and his record is clean. He was very happy with the result.

Case No. 1420737
Charge: DWI
Result: Not Guilty

This was a case in which my client had a BAC above 0.08. He also had Alprazolam in his blood. He did not look great on the field sobriety tests, but his mother testified that he has a learning disability and shuts down under stress. The jury found the defense more credible and said Not Guilty.

Case No. 1538848
Charges: Aggravated Assault
Deadly Weapon
Result: Dismissed

This was a tough case. Client had a very tumultuous relationship with her husband. There was constant fighting. Her husband aggressively grabbed her from behind, and she cut his arm to get him to release her. It was an instinctual reaction, but when he called the police, my client was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a serious felony. Through hard work I was eventually able to help the prosecutor see that my client was the real victim. The case was dismissed.

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