Fighting DWI Cases in Fort Worth Means a Dogfight. Is Your Lawyer Ready for that Fight?

District Attorneys prosecute DWI cases aggressively in Fort Worth and everywhere else across Texas. Pressure from citizens as well as from lobbyists like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have created this hardnosed brick wall approach. Because by and large, people hate drunk driving. And for good reason. The awful stories of violent car crashes and human loss and are both infuriating and heartbreaking. Because of these terrible stories, the climate has become harsh for a DWI conviction. Along with fines and surcharges, there is no way to get a DWI conviction off your record. That is why a criminal defense attorney has to look at DWI conviction as a last resort. This means aggressive and relentless preparation for trial.

DWI is Unpopular. But That Doesn’t Mean Everyone Accused is Guilty

Not everyone accused of DWI is not guilty. Far from it actually. Despite aggressive DPS ad campaigns to the contrary, drinking and driving is actually not illegal in Texas. Much publicized alcohol-related tragedies has resulted in many more Texas citizens getting arrested and labeled criminals. This law enforcement approach has certainly made our roads safer. But it also has unintended consequences. Although many are guilty of DWI, many are not. Fighting DWI cases means aggressively taking these cases all the way.

At The Initial Consult, Your Lawyer Should Already Be Thinking about a DWI Trial

From the moment a criminal defense attorney meets with a prospective client he or she should be thinking about and preparing for a DWI trial. In Fort Worth, unless it is a very bad case, it is very difficult to get a case dismissed pre-trial. If you want to win or get your case dismissed, you have to go to trial and win. Or at least, you have to be ready to go to trial in every case. You have to show the State that you are willing and fearless. That is really the only way to get consistent results. Is your lawyer ready for that fight? Is your lawyer ready to go all the way?